I saw this sign in the window of a shop a week ago on a glorious sunny Friday afternoon. I can’t remember what this shop sold until it closed, but I liked the humour of this sign.

My post title, by the way, is a novel by Rosamund Lehmann. I have to confess that I haven’t read this one, but her pair of books Invitation to the Waltz and The Weather in the Streets would be on my desert-island list. Her depiction of a teenager who just doesn’t fit but wants to blaze in her orange dress at the ball rings true even eighty years later, and the sequel, where this girl is a grown woman who has an affair with the smooth-talking but ultimately weak man who she spoke to at that ball, is as shocking and real as if it were happening today.


Looking westwards from our kitchen balcony at a beautiful sunset this evening.

In the opposite direction, the sky is still blue, with wisps of grey-pink cloud.

And a few minutes later, the western sky is striped with an unbelievably glowing pink highlight.  I couldn’t capture it exactly on my camera, but I hope this gives an impression, at least.

A favourite view: the funfair at Clarence Pier in Southsea, taken on a sunny day at the beginning of March. The 1960s architecture of the yellow and blue tower always delights me, and the rides, arcade machines and food stalls invite passersby for an hour or two of classic, if slightly kitsch, seaside amusement. Going to this funfair always makes me feel like a teenager again.